About Us

Echinus Advisors is a registered investment advisor founded in 2012 and headquartered in SoHo, New York. Our strategy is to make concentrated long term investments in high quality businesses across a number of industries on a global basis. As part of our research process, we spend months and years analyzing our companies and industries, speaking with customers, competitors, suppliers and other industry participants.

The name Echinus, Latin for hedgehog, is a reference to The Hedgehog and the Fox, an essay by Isaiah Berlin which examines Tolstoy’s view of history in War and Peace.

"Tolstoy’s interest in history began early in his life. It seems to have arisen not from interest in the past as such, but from the desire to penetrate to first causes, to understand how and why things happen as they do and not otherwise, from discontent with those current explanations which do not explain, and leave the mind dissatisfied, from a tendency to doubt and place under suspicion and, if need be, reject whatever does not fully answer the question, to go to the root of every matter, at whatever cost."

‘The Hedgehog and the Fox’
– Isaiah Berlin